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groups, workshops, and consulting 


“Relationships are built at the speed of trust, and social change happens at the speed of relationships.”

–Rev. Jennifer Bailey, Founder of Faith Matters Network


Groups and workshops are designed for everyone interested in restoring resilience, regulation, and liberation. Anne has worked with psychotherapists and all kinds of healers, people working in corporations, nonprofits, attorneys, grassroots organizations, and more. 


Please contact Anne if you're interested in hosting and participating in any of the gatherings below. 

Nature and Nurture Quarterly Group for Healers - CEU's offered

Saturdays 10-1 pm @ Georgetown Healing Arts 

Fee is: Sliding fee $125-$175/session.

Schedule:   February 24, 2024 10-1 pm May 4, 2024 10- 1 pm,  September 7, 2024 10-1 pm

”Every organism exists in the complexity of biodiversity.” - Sandor Ellix

Nature reminds us every day that all is connected - that a complex, ecosystem thrives - and that nature provides the most natural properties for healing. Concepts like change being constant and how tiny shifts in one human ripple out and into evolutionary change. Trees talk. Mycelium heals. And humans continue to forget their cellular connection.

Nature - and our bodies - whisper, communicate, yell to us to listen through feelings of pain, loneliness, fear and overwhelm. Peter Levine of Somatic Experiencing suggests that – with the proper conditions – our bodes know how to find balance. These naturalistic forces of healing are available to all of us.

How do we nurture this knowing?

In this moment in the large arch of evolution we are faced with enormous historical forces like climate change, white supremacy, gender violence, and a growing Fascism throughout the world. Leticia Nieto calls these forces Rank and us robots in that Rank system. She says power comes in many forms, though, and we can harness it to become aware and more free. Somatic Experiencing and other body-based modalities tell us we can tap into that bottom up, organic knowledge inside - even as we are pressed into cages. Lost in privilege. Terrorized by inequity.

This quarterly group is for healers navigating the grips of oppression with the curiosity about how to tap into these natural resources. Namely, we will work with Polyvagal Theory and body wisdom, nature and ecosystem knowledge, and Leticia Nieto’s framework about oppression and how we can be conscious and become free.

Perdita Finn says “We’ve lived inside of our heads for an awfully long time at the expense of our bodies and at the expense of the body of the world.” As we explore big themes of relational psychology, human supremacy, and social inequities and supremacies, we will experientially explore the wisdom of the body, mindfulness and nervous system regulation, the archaic field of energy (metaphor, archetype, and magic) that surrounds us, lives in nature, and can be found in our connections with each other.

Modalities we will draw on include:

- Attachment theory and relational psychotherapy

- Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory

- Leticia Nieto’s Beyond Inclusion Beyond Empowerment curriculum

- Somatic Experiencing

- Biomimicry

- Enneagram

- adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy and Emergent Strategy Series

You can attend one or all of this series and we strongly encourage that you attend all. They will build on each other. CE’s provided.

Join us! Saturdays 10-1 pm @ Georgetown Healing Arts – 215 South Orcas Street Seattle, WA 98108. Fee is: Sliding fee $125-$175/session.

Here is the schedule:

February 24, 2024 10-1 pm,  May 4, 2024 10- 1 pm,  September 7, 2024 10-1 pm

To RSVP for any or all of these groups, please contact Anne Phillips at or Liz Goodwin at



Psychobiology of Systemic Oppression

We explore the shape of systematic oppressive behavior and beliefs through a psychobiology lens primarily using Dr. Leticia Nieto’s developmental model Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment: A Developmental Strategy to Liberate Everyone and Dr. Stephen Porges' Polyvagal theory. The workshop is taught through lecture, improv exercises, experiential guided movement exercises, small group and dyad interaction, imagery, and skill building. We use play to deepen awareness of empowerment, accountability, and liberation for all peoples.  


This workshop has been offered nationally to organizations and businesses and is applicable for anyone. 



Metamorphosis of White Supremacy: Visibilizing and Unpracticing Supremacy Culture


During eight sessions we explore the many facets of supremacy beliefs, behaviors, and culture; such as ableism, colonialism, nationalism, whiteness + racism, classism, Christendom, heteronormativity, and more. This group is open to everyone.  

We reconnect to our own bodies, other living beings and our eco-systems by utilizing creativity, play, and art. This group helps us reconnect to our biological right to live interdependently, equitably, and justly. We can be responsible and responsive, available to learn and be relational, culturally humble and joyful, love-centered, and listening-oriented.


We primarily use Dr. Leticia Nieto’s developmental work Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment: A Developmental Strategy to Liberate Everyone and Dr. Stephen Porges' Polyvagal theory interpreted through Bonnie Badenoch and Deb Dana. 

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