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Somatic Experiencing

“It is impossible to be curious and defensive at the same time.”

–Peter Levine


Anne uses Somatic Experiencing in her client therapy and provides sessions for SE students


Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-oriented approach for working with the nervous system to restore regulation after experiences of current, generational, and historical trauma. It's based on the realization that human beings have an innate ability and biological right to overcome the effects of trauma and they then can return to a greater sense of aliveness, relaxation, and wholeness. 


SE sessions can look many different ways. Anne works with you to figure out which approach resonates best. SE sessions can look like a traditional talk therapy session - we might spend most of our time talking about things that are coming up in your life. We may also spend some time tracking sensations, images, or emotions in the body, and orienting to the external environment. However we choose to work with SE, we are supporting the return of regulation in your nervous system and increasing your whole system's resilience.


Somatic Experiencing and touch work are beneficial for both developmental and shock trauma such as:

  • Childhood resilience and trauma 

  • High impact incidents - injuries that continue to cause pain and dysfunction

  • Falls

    • Chronic pain and movement disorders

    • Chronic panic - anxiety and bracing patterns

  • Systemic oppression and resilience- the impacts of generational, historical, and current beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors of supremacy norms, such as: white supremacy, ableism, hetero and bi- gender normativity.  


We will support restoration, recalibration, and resilience.


​For more info see SE 101 on the Somatic Experiencing International website. While there, see Anne’s profile


SE Students


Anne is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and a part of the teaching assisting team. She is an approved session provider for:

  • Personal sessions through advanced level

  • Consult sessions for beginner level

SE Students on SE page
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